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The Vashon Valkyries... on their way to an undefeated season.
Vultures into State SemiFinal Wed 6 PM @ VHS

Victorious Day for Vultures
The Vultures defeated visitors Sehome in a well contested match on Saturday 5/20 at VHS.  By virtue of their undefeated record in their 1a/2a conference, they had a first round bye, and home field advantage over Sehome who had defeated Overtake to advance to this round.
The Sehome Mariners came out solid and wearing Vashon traditional gold and green.  Vashon as hosts wore their white jerseys.  Sehome had to work hard in the first quarter to put three excellent shots on goal, but keeper Duncan McMillan was up to the task stopping two high shots and one at his feet.  This kept Vashon in the game, but finally one of their attackmen took a shot over the top of a solidly pressing Carson Nye, for first blood and with that the first quarter ended. 
It was an evenly balanced game, and I noted 8 subs on each team.  Similar stats coming into the game, with multiple players with goals, and both teams having goalies with season save rates of 64%.  
The second quarter opened up with more of the same.  Good quality play on both sides of the ball and on each end of the field.  Finally, after getting worked pretty good, the ball hits the deck.  Paris Brown recovers it, and is converged on by 3 defensemen.  He whips the ball out to Schira, and the last defensemen slides to him, but he passes to Kiryk Mozeleski who is now unmarked, and scores over the goalies shoulder.
Senior Kellen Riley it should be noted won nearly every face-off this game.  After each goal Vashon had first possession of the ball.  Sehome committed a cross check foul (which resulted in Mozeleski's helmet hitting the deck while Mozeleski tried to play on “hatless”.  Refs quickly stopped the game.  With a Sehome defenseman in the hoosegow for one minute, Vashon worked the ball around the horn a few times until they broke the defense, again on a Schira feed to Mozeleski.  The shot bounced off several feet, and before the Sehome goalie could corrall it, it dribbled in. Vashon then suffered a bit of the same, and while we had to play one man down for a foul (for an impressive but illegal wrap check by Schira) Sehome managed a goal (though not before the defense had held off a couple shots).  Just before halftime though Vashon returned the favor with yup another Schira to Mozeski feed and goal.  This made it 3-2 Vashon at halftime.
After halftime Sehome came out hard, and while Vashon had slipped into control, they now slipped out of control, and after some sloppy ground ball play, Sehome came up with a nice outside shot to even up the game.  Duncan McMillan kept us in the game at that point with two more great saves.  Schira was getting into the flow of the game, and covered plenty of ground on the offensive end.  Midfield senior Dawit Tuller-Ross is masterful at making the pass to the swiftly cutting attackmen, and he found Schira on the fly, for a quick catch and bounce shot for Vashon’s fourth goal.
In one highlight reel moment, reminiscent of a famous football player leaping over a defender, Adrian St Germain seemed to block one defender and leap over the other as he escaped across midfield with an eye for goal, but a lucky defender dislodged the ball just as the shot was being taken.  
Calvin McMillan on attack continued to work hard.  He had several opportunities for his patented receive with back to goal, spin and shoot.  Seems like third times a charm, and on a feed from Mozeleski, he fired one in to make it 5-3 Vashon as the third quarter ended.
The fourth quarter was all Vashon.  Mozeleski was covered hard at this point, and his next two shots were hotly contested and forced wide and then high.  Paris Brown scored on his third attempt with a nice flowing high to low shot.  Kellen Riley won the face-off, entered the box, and hit Schira with a pass, defense slides, and Schira whips it to Mozeleski who was cutting past his man for a quick and seemingly game turning goal.  Vashon now led 8-3.  
Vashon then settled in to a solid spell of defense.  Sehome could maintain possession but had a hard time beating the D with solid play by Jack Kelly, and Carlos Hernandez, Mason Rice, and Joe Gighlieri. Sehome finally scored one more, but had burned much valuable time off the clock.  In a kind of messy play Calvin McMillan had a shot off the bar, then picked it up off ground and in a melee shot again, the ball bounced free and Schira in one heads up play scopped the ball up, and fired a pass to Mozeleski who put it away.  This snuffed the hopes of Sehome for a comeback and Vashon led 9-4.  
Vashon then won the face-off, burned some clock time off on offense, while Sehome expanded their defense to try and win the ball at all costs.  They finally did, and got the ball upfield.  The defense held well, and after knocking ball loose, Jake Carmon flew into the pile, and came out with the ball at a full sprint (and that kid can sprint) crossing midfield and whipping a pass up to a charging Max Schira.  Schira caught this also at full sprint and just blasted a shot home to make it 10-4 Vashon.  
Time then expired, and Vashon will now go to the semifinal round to be held here at VHS on Wednesday May 24th at 6 PM.

by posted 05/21/2017
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