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The Vashon Valkyries... on their way to an undefeated season.
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Hornets End Vultures Season
    The Lacrosse season came to a close Friday night...
2016 Vultures Win Final Regular Season Game
This is an image from the South Kitsap final home game of Sophomore...
Valkyries Complete an Undefeated Season
    The Vashon Valkyries are coming of age. Coming...
Hornets End Vultures Season
The Lacrosse season came to a close Friday night May 13th with a hard fought game vs the White River Hornets (WR) at their place. A podcast by Chris Nye and Greg Martin will be uploaded to the website this weekend.

The Hornets came out strong, but so did Vashon. In the early going both defenses held and the first goal was well into the first quarter by WR.  Vashon came back and Kiryk Mozeleski blistered one in from the corner. The quarter was back and forth with WR taking a lead and Vashon matching and it was 4 to 4 at the close.

The next quarter was all White River as their 18 seniors on the roster began to carry the game. By halftime it was 9 to 4. Ex islander David Pugh (now a Senior at Ohio Weslyan University) gave a nice halftime analysis, noting that Vashon was doing a great job of possession on offense, but that White River was dominating in transition and scoring most of their goals that way. They had a couple of players that were blazingly fast up the middle. Adrian St Germain and Dawit Tuller-Ross create a few highlight reel moments with runs that defeated 3 and 4 opponents, but we couldn't seem to get that last pass out of transitions to an open man. The WR defense consisted of three seniors each over 6 ft 3 so with long poles in hand and trying to get by them and their swarming midfielders was like "trying to avoid TieDye and Birkenstocks at the Saturday Market" to steal a line from Chris Nye.   On our side we missed Jack Kelly who is out due to injury.  Despite Vashon's best efforts, they were worn down outmuscled and outrun. The Hornets nearly double team size tipped the scale and the odds became reality as the game extended out of reach. Duncan McMillan had one highlight reel moment when he did a save low, then immediately came up off his knees and made a second save.

We finally managed two goals late in the game, but the final score was 17 - 6.  Scorers were Carleton 2, Schira 2, Mozeleski 1, and Paris Brown 1.
So the season is over but Vashon's team has a lot to be proud of. Starting with Elliot Carleton who finished the regular season as the third top scorer in the state, but more importantly has a full academic ride to Arizona State University. Sophomore Duncan McMillan had a great year in goal. Up in the booth the opposing side made one comment after the game, "your goalie is really something". All the players on the team contributed significantly this year. The Junior class includes midfielder  Dylan Martinez who is spectacularly indefatigueable, Carson Nye on defense who stepped into a leadership role there and not only showed how to do it, but gave critical feedback realtime as needed, and the explosive Dawit Tuller Ross. With two sophomores and 8 freshman the younger guys were a huge contributor and no team we faced matched that. That bodes well for the Vashon Vultures as we see off a lone senior while White River sees off 18. Our uprising sophomores might now be called grizzled veterans, while for other teams that class next year will likely be getting their first taste of the pace of Varsity play.
For now, the Vultures will have to find a perch and gnaw the bones of a rough last game.

by posted 05/15/2016
2016 Vultures Win Final Regular Season Game

Busting through the defense

This is an image from the South Kitsap final home game of Sophomore Duncan McMillan busting through the defense on a goalie run.  Might have been a slash, but not enough to stop him with a full head of steam.


The Vultures have that... a full head of steam... as they head into the post season.  They wrapped up the season with a decisive victory in Port Angeles for their 10th win of the year 5/11/16.  Senior Eliot Carleton scored 7 goals.  I guess the thumb is healed and ready for the post-season.  That moves him into third place in the state for goals scored.


The Vultures play in the first round of the playoffs today at 7PM vs White River, there.  White River finished first in their division with a 6-5-0 record having scored 200 goals, and given up 134 (1.49 ratio).  Vashon finished second in their division (really just 3 goals behind Klahowya) and had a 10-3-0 record,  scored 182 goals, and gave up just 75 ( 2.42 ratio).   This should be a great game.  Go Vultures


***  Want to hear it on the Radio or Streamed live?  ***


1:  We need you to let VOV know if you want this.  Please email VOV at info@voiceofvashon.org and let them know you are interested in hearing Lacrosse on radio or streaming live.

2:  We need one person to train to be the producer/engineer in the studio.  We need a volunteer who would like to learn how to run audio/radio equipment.   Anyone can do this, and VOV encourages youth in 9th grade and up.  You can get volunteer hours for this.  There is an immediate opportunity to train.  If interested please email Greg Martin at martingf@comcast.net




by posted 05/11/2016
Valkyries Complete an Undefeated Season

Valkyrie on attack



The Vashon Valkyries are coming of age. Coming off a 6-5 record last year, the five-year-old team just completed an undefeated season. 

Winning games consistently starts with strong defense, and for the Valkyries, that starts with co-captain and goalkeeper Sophie Gagnaire, who has a save rate of 73 percent — the highest of any goalie in the state. But of course, you have to score goals too, and Emily Wilson is number three in the state with 55 goals on the 2016 season.

Head coach Larry Dubois said that the girls' team this season learned how to play as a team. He said that at the beginning of the year, the girls "really leaned on a few strong players." He challenged the experienced players to develop the younger ones — half the team is first-year players — and challenged the younger players to not lean on the experienced ones. 

Among the experienced players are the team's three co-captains: Gagnaire, Hunter Semone and Presley Roggenbuck. Dubois' team-building work is reflected in their answers about what they enjoy about lacrosse. The captains reiterated this theme of playing together, all saying that "trust is key," and that it is "really rewarding to play as a group." 

The co-captains are all graduating following last week's sweep of the final three games of the season, leaving Dubois to ponder what the future holds for the high school-age team. He said he plans to continue on and play competitively by requesting a stronger schedule, adding more of the "powerhouse program" teams next year.

With continued success, and development of the program in the younger ages, the team will be on its way yet again.

For the younger team — the fifth- and sixth-grade girls — they have a burgeoning program this year, and are having plenty of fun, despite the usual challenges of a first-year program, with new players facing experienced teams week after week. They have been close in many games and earned a tie in one of them. The girls are improving week after week, and are looking up to what their high school counterparts are doing. The Valkyries are on the rise.

by posted 05/07/2016
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